The (Positive) Reason John Stamos Had Mercy On Candace Cameron Bure After She Stole His Full House Couch

Candace Cameron Bure went viral a few months ago when she channeled her inner Ross and tried to “PIVOT!” a familiar blue couch down a staircase. While we all laughed at the reference to the famous Friends quote, the Fuller House actress was likely more focused on her ulterior motives. It turns out she was stealing the Full House couch that John Stamos famously kept for himself following the end of the iconic ABC sitcom. So why did the Uncle Jesse actor decide to “have mercy” on his TV niece? Apparently it was all for a good cause close to his wife’s heart. 

Caitlin McHugh Stamos started a podcast in March called How Can I Help?, in which she interviews people who are making a positive impact in the world and informs listeners how they, too, can contribute to the cause. Furthermore, all proceeds from the show are donated to the nonprofits chosen by the people she talks to. When Candace Cameron Bure heard about the premise of the podcast, she said she wanted to be involved. Apparently her appearance came at a price though — a pretty special piece of Full House memorabilia. John Stamos didn’t seem too upset at the couch-napping, though, when he promoted the episode on Instagram:

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