Will Deadpool 3 Feature Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa? Here’s What She Says

It’s no secret that comic book movies are dominating the entertainment industry. But certain projects stand out as fan favorites, and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movies are certainly in that category. Fans are eager for any indication about what’s coming with the upcoming Marvel movie, especially since the titular character can now finally join the MCU. But will Deadpool 3 feature Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa? Here’s what she says.

Morena Baccarin played Wade Wilson’s love interest Vanessa in both of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movies. While the sequel featured her character being killed off, the wild post-credits scenes showed Wade saving her thanks to a time machine. As such, fans are wondering whether or not the Gotham and Firefly actress will appear in the developing third Deapdool flick. She was recently asked this at DragonCon Atlanta (via The Direct), responding honestly with:

You know, from your lips to God’s ears, I have no idea. They’re writing the script right now. I’m usually the last to find out anything. I’m not even… I wish I had information I could give you but I really don’t. But it’d be great.

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