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Viktor Axelsen is currently so dominant. However, behind Axelsen’s dominance, competition in the world’s men’s singles sector is actually also very open. Former badminton player who is now a BWF commentator, Gillian Clark, conveyed an interesting fact about the world men’s singles competition.

Gill’s tweet on Twitter with the hashtag #GillsFunFact, presented the fact that Viktor Axelsen’s dominance throughout this year was undeniable. Of the 15 BWF World Tour tournaments that have been held throughout 2022, Axelsen has won four titles.

The four titles won by Axelsen are the All England Open (Super 1000), Indonesia Masters (Super 500), Indonesia Open (Super 1000), and Malaysia Open (Super 750). In addition to the four BWF World Tour titles, this year Axelsen has also successfully won the European Championship and lastly won the BWF World Championships in Japan some time ago.

With four BWF World Tour titles, Viktor Axelsen is the most successful men’s singles so far. However, behind Axelsen’s dominance, it turns out that the competition in the world’s men’s singles sector is actually very open.

Apart from the four tournaments won by Axelsen, there are 11 tournaments throughout 2022 that have always produced different champions in the men’s singles event. Of the 11 tournaments, there is an exception for the Syed Modi International 2022 tournament in India which does not play the men’s singles final due to the discovery of Covid-19 cases. The two players who should have competed in the Syed Modi International 2022 tournament are the French men’s singles, Arnaud Merkle and Lucas Claerbout.

Currently, Indonesia has 3 players who won BWF Men’s Single World tour tournaments. Jonatan Christie won the Swiss Open 2022 which was held in St. Jakobshalle, Basel, at the end of March. Then at the Malaysia Masters 2022 tournament in Kuala Lumpur, July 5-10, it was Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo’s turn to give Indonesia the title. Lastly, there is Anthony Sinisuka Ginting who successfully won the Singapore Open 2022.

Moreover, countries such as India, Thailand, China, Korea, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei and Japan has each representative who won the BWF Tour tournaments in men’s single category.

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