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The Year of the Water Tiger marks a challenging and competitive landscape that can be visualised as a training ground in a dense forest, with soldiers striving to advance and overcome various obstacles.

It is a year that requires grit and determination to compete. Still, there will be progress in all matters despite possible obstacles. 

Stay positive and be resourceful in dealing with challenges. As long as you work hard, you can power throught the Year of the Tiger.

In the final of three parts, we get a quick forecast from geomancer Mark Tan for the Pig, Rat, Ox and Tiger.



1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

Ranking: 2nd

Auspicious numbers: 4 & 8

Auspicious colours: Green, yellow & brown

Compatible zodiac sign: Rabbit & goat

Luck (88%, 4.5 stars): Lucky stars shine on those born in the Year of the Pig. With the Prosperity Star (福星) and Star of Benevolence (天德) clearing the obstacles ahead, all misfortunes shall be resolved. This year, you are blessed with many benefactors, and your performance will be outstanding as you show more competence at work. With enhanced interpersonal skills, you can sail through life and work with many happy tidings. But you cannot be complacent. Always be mindful of your actions and words to avoid unnecessary trouble and losses.

Career (100%, 5 stars): With the support of benefactors, motivation and proactiveness will bring career advancement opportunities. Businesspeople have great interpersonal skills and shall clinch profitable deals. As long as you are willing to work hard, you can enjoy a booming career and flourishing wealth. Misunderstandings may occur when working with others, but timely intervention can help you handle the situation and achieve a win-win outcome.



1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

Ranking: 12th

Auspicious number: 12

Auspicious colours: Blue & black

Compatible zodiac sign: Pig

Luck (36%, 2 stars): This will be a challenging year for those born in the Year of the Rat. Obstacles are inevitable with the absence of lucky stars, but resilience is key. You may feel greater stress as unlucky stars lurk around, causing you to become irritable and anxious. Such emotions will affect your health and put a strain on relations in the long run. Hence, you must try to stay calm and avoid overreacting. Practise deep breathing from time to time, and let the moment pass before making hasty decisions.

Career (40%, 2 stars): Being overly focused on small gains may cause you to miss the chance to display your full capability. When that happens, continue forward and do your best. This year, it is important to keep calm and not act impulsively. You may feel discouraged by constant obstacles, but focus on doing your tasks well. In formulating core business strategies, use your strengths to maximise opportunities. The devil lies in the details, so think carefully before making decision.



1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

Ranking: 7th

Auspicious numbers: 6 & 10

Auspicious colours: Red, orange, white & gold

Compatible zodiac sign: Snake & rooster

Luck (68%, 3.5 stars): Under the empowerment of the Breakthrough Star (陌越), you are more motivated than ever, handling all tasks with great enthusiasm. The Marriage Star (红鸾) will also help attract others to you and bring good marriage prospects. This year, you should show courage in tackling all challenges. Although there are obstacles, you will eventually attain success by overcoming these hurdles. Perseverance is your key to success. With the Illness Star (病符) lurking, your immune system may be affected. Hence, pay more attention to your body and mind. Good health is the most important thing in life.

Career (80%, 4 stars): Your good interpersonal relationship luck will have a positive influence on your career. Collaborating effectively with your co-workers shall demonstrate your strengths and allow you to be recognised by your superior, possibly landing you a promotion. Businesspeople and the self-employed can look forward to new customers and business growth. You may wish to explore new markets through the Internet and other digital channels. As long as you can overcome the short-term challenges, you shall achieve good results.



1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Ranking: 9th

Auspicious numbers: 4 & 12

Auspicious colours: Green, blue & black

Compatible zodiac sign: Rabbit & pig

Luck (56%, 3 stars): People born in the Year of the Tiger are in clash with the Grand Duke (太岁) and may feel stressed and insecure. However, as long as you focus on upgrading yourself, the Academic Star (文昌) shall guide you towards career advancement opportunities. Practise mutual respect when dealing with others, as they may be dealing with their own difficulties. Consider heading outdoors when you feel restless, as a change in environment can help to calm your mind. This year, pay attention to mood swings and control your emotions. Only then will you be able to manage your life well.

Career (80%, 4 stars): Career luck is stable this year. However, reluctance to take on more challenging tasks may stagnate progress and hinder any chances for promotion. Try to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself more. Businesspeople will be able to find opportunities in moments of crisis and flourish by adapting new strategies. This year, it is easy to overlook minor details, which may affect the company’s development. Consider focusing more energy on marketing. Remember, the best way to deal with changes is to keep learning and be flexible.

The above forecast is provided by geomancer Mark Tan from Way Fengshui Group.

As a second generation entrepreneur and popular speaker, Mr Tan has led Way Fengshui Group to be a role model in the fengshui industry by preserving Chinese culture and making it relevant to the modern society.

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